9 Reasons To Get a Career in Freelance Design

9 reasons why you should get a career in freelance design

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for us all, especially in the professional world. Thousands of people have lost their jobs and have had to comb through opportunities just to support themselves.

But what if I told you that you could never “lose your job” or have to go through any of the hassle of searching for a new one?

Well, that is essentially what the career of being a freelance designer entails!

In this post, we’ll be providing you with 9 reasons why you should make freelance designing your career.

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Be your own boss

Having a career in freelance design means being your own boss and making all the major boss-like decisions yourself as well. No need to worry about what your boss will think of your work and whether he/she will like it.

As a freelance designer, it is very important that you like your work. You’ll never get anywhere in a career as a freelancer if you yourself don’t like what you do and put out there.

9 reasons why you should get a career in freelance design

Work at your schedule

Being your own boss also means you can work at your own schedule! No more working 9 to 5 (unless that’s what you decide to do) and waking up very early/staying up late for work. 

You decide your own work hours based on how well you know yourself and your best hours of productivity. You can get more work done this way and prevent any “it’s too early/late” mishaps that might occur in a traditional workplace.

However, don’t misuse this newfound freedom. Try and stay as productive as possible with your personal schedule and don’t get lazy.

Stuck at home and looking for some tips on staying productive? Check out our blog post on increasing quarantine productivity

Decide who to work with

When you take on a career like freelancing, you can automatically determine who you work with. It can be your best friend, your worst enemy, or even nobody at all. You will no longer have to put up with an annoying coworker or keep a conversation with someone you barely know.

Hopefully you choose people who you can work well with and you all get twice as much work done as you would in a traditional job setting.

9 reasons why you should get a career in freelance design

Save time and money

Freelance designers don’t need to work in a fancy office or take the time to get there. You should work somewhere you are comfortable and inspired by. This place can sometimes be your own home!

Nevertheless, you’ll be saving time by not having to commute to work and money that you would be spending for the commute. You can use this money you save for more important purchases like supplies.

Make your own payments

You no longer have to bicker with your boss about unfair payments or getting a raise. Payments become something you can discuss with your clients or you can even set your own rates.

This also paves the way for self-evaluation. Deciding payments based on the quality of work you produce can help you differentiate your work qualities and better you as a designer.

9 reasons why you should get a career in freelance design

Pick your vacation days

Without a strict work schedule you can take breaks when needed. This means you don’t have to show up to work sick and miserable just to save a vacation day. You can take vacation days reasonably as needed and make sure you’re your best when working.

Do work you actually like

Freelance designing consists of a lot of playing to your strengths and putting your best work out there to attract clients. This means that you’ll be designing and doing work you actually like to do and are skilled at.

You’ll no longer be given assignments to dread over because you’ll be the one giving the assignment. You’ll be able to enjoy the work you do and you’ll want to wake up in the morning to get to work.

9 reasons why you should get a career in freelance design

Stay healthy

Reduce the stress and tension that sometimes comes with going to work. Don’t worry aout competing with your coworkers for that promotion because you’ll just be competing with yourself for that position as a freelancer.

Make breakfast and lunch at home and avoid grabbing that quick bite of fast food you’d usually grab as you rush to work.

Do a little yoga during your breaks or walk around your house to get that blood pumping.

Get the credit you deserve

No one can take credit for your work because it’s all you! You’re the boss and the employee. You’re the designer and the marketing team. You make the rules and you follow them. So you deserve the credit for your amazing designs and you will get it.


  • Be your own boss and make the rules
  • Work at your schedule to be more efficient
  • Decide who to work with and say bye to annoying co-workers
  • Save time and money on commute
  • Make your own payments or have fixed rates
  • Pick those vacation days to stay stress-free
  • Do work you actually like and enjoy getting up in the morning
  • Stay healthy (especially during the pandemic)
  • Get the credit you deserve. No exceptions.


If this opened your eyes, then it might be time to switch to a career in freelance design! I promise it’s worth it and even if you don’t think it’s for you, it never hurts to try.

Would you say the switch to becoming a freelance designer was worth it? If you haven’t made the switch, would you consider it now? Comment down below!

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