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Dario Masperi
Dario Masperi

LinkedIn: 3 Powerful Reasons Why You Have To Be There if You Are a Professional!

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Table of Contents

Linkedin: I often get questions from ‘seasoned’ professionals about how to turn their practical work into digital work.

In this area, for those who are not yet experts in the web or who simply use it for research, email and social networks, there is a lot of confusion.

There are many social networks, everyone uses them and if they are not understood they can be a real jungle in which it is easy to get lost.

So how can you use them to improve your professional activity?

Is it possible to replace part of your P2P work with digital marketing?

Of course! And if you haven’t already done so, not only are you late, but you are missing a great opportunity!

Where to start? Certainly by creating a professional LinkedIn Profile.

Professional LinkedIn



LinkedIn (remember to capitalise ‘In‘!) is a social network that aims to create connections between companies and a potential audience.

It brings together professionals from over 90 countries worldwide and currently has more than 630 million users!

It is therefore natural to imagine the enormous benefits that a professional can gain from smart management of their LinkedIn profile.

Professional Linkedin - Why In

With an average of about 2 registrations per second, creating leads and a structured network of online professionals is something you should seriously think about investing time in.


“But I’m already on Facebook and Instagram!”

OK, if your intention is to be seen and create a solid brand reputation, you have done the right thing by expanding your presence on the most popular and used social networks.

It is important to understand that every social network has a specific purpose and that there are also specific social networks for certain sectors that could be very interesting for marketing development.

If, however, you are not yet familiar with the world of social networking or do not yet feel ready to invest large resources in niche projects, your LinkedIn presence will be essential to make yourself knew in an environment that is suitable for creating digital connections.

LinkedIn, in particular, manages to bring together the social functions we are used to with the professional aspect and corporate digital marketing.

You will find many common actions (creating a post, sharing a status, stories and much more) that you may already be used to and that will immediately allow you to settle in and start exploiting its potential.


In what way?

Professional Linkedin-Conclusion

1) Increasing your potential audience;

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, optimal management of your LinkedIn profile will give you the opportunity to approach, compare, collaborate and be supported by people who are REALLY interested in your product, in a targeted and specific way.

2) Developing your Personal Brand and increasing your Reputation;

Who are you? What services do you offer? What sets you apart? What are your skills?

I can assure you that these are all questions that a potential audience asks when they are interested in a product.

Who hasn’t Googled for reviews and positive opinions?

So why don’t you be the one to make it clear what you value in a simple and direct way, perhaps by asking your most trusted customers to leave a reference on your profile!

Those who approach your company for the first time will see real people commenting positively on your work and will no longer have any doubts about the validity of your service.

Don’t you think that this is also a way of involving and retaining those who have already relied on you for some time?

3) SEO and Google Authority;

Your presence on LinkedIn, enjoying high Google Authority, will help improve your search engine rankings (SEO).

Still not convinced?

Let us summarise together the advantages of having a LinkedIn profile if you are a professional:

– Large potential audience

– Generazione di lead e Networking

– Personal Branding and improving your online reputation

– SEO ed high Google Authority 

-Compare and collaborate with other experts in your field



By taking care of each of these details and creating a strong network with your potential audience, you will surely succeed in targeting your business in a current and competitive way.

Just give it a try and let us know if you found this article useful!


We leave you with important news: we have added new resources and tools to our Desircle platform, you just have to browse and find the ones that can help you the most!


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