How to Take Your Idea and Make it Real

Do you have an idea in your mind, but you haven't started to develop it yet? Now is the time to act!

You have a great idea just waiting to be developed, you’re sitting in your chair in the studio but you don’t know where to start, and some very alarming questions come to mind…

  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • What if you waste your time?


Well, who knows? The essential thing to do right now is to try!


Analyze Your Idea

If this idea is in your mind and doesn’t let you sleep…if you think about it all the time, while you eat, before you sleep, and even when you leave home…then it’s time to act!

The first thing to do is to make a plan. Ask yourself the right questions, for example: 

  • Is someone already working on such an idea?
  • If so, how can you make it unique?
  • If someone is working on it, what is right and what is wrong?


Following questions, work on your action plan. Evaluate all the points that can be developed with your potential and the means at your disposal at the moment. Acting, in this case, is the most important thing. Act now, with what you have, without procrastinating.

If someone is already working on the idea, study what they are doing, search Google and other sources that have tried it, evaluate if the idea is innovative, or consider developing it in a new and better way. 


Just Start

As above, the first important thing to do is to start. You can’t know if you have the right idea, the one that could turn your life around if you don’t apply yourself so that it becomes reality. 

What is it about? Do you have an idea for a new product, a web app, a new platform? 

Whatever your idea is, know that you can develop it step by step: it doesn’t need to be perfect from the beginning because it will be during the process that you will be able to optimize it, improve it and make it unique. 

For example, do you have an idea for a web app that doesn’t exist in the market, which could be really revolutionary, but you don’t have the skills to develop it? Don’t beat yourself up! You can start by working on your idea, developing a business plan and an action plan and, in the case of a web app, designing the User Experience and the User Interface of the web app, without thinking about codes. 

If this is your case, a platform like Webflow can help you: with this platform you can create the interface of your web app without having to worry about coding. Once the project is created, you can turn to a programming expert friend or invest some budget to develop it. 

There are a lot of examples around the web of people who have done great things from nothing, with their MVP (Minumum Valuable Product), building an entire team around it. 


Webflow - Website Design Tool

Test Run

Don’t focus too much on developing your idea technically, but rather on the actual feedback you can get from your potential customers, your audience, or the target market you are about to approach. Remember that it is important to start with an MVP.

To do this, launch your idea to a small group of people, which can be a specific group of people, who have common interests or problems to solve in common, which of course you can solve with your new idea. 

By testing on this small group, you will be able to receive what is fundamental for you in the post-launch phase, the feedbacks.


Idea and innovation
Idea and innovation

Accept feedback

By launching your idea to a group of people who can test it, you will get to the point where you receive feedback. Feedback is extremely important for any new idea under construction because it makes you see things from many different points of view.

Many times, feedback helps you grow, improve, both as a start-up and as a person. Feedback many times sheds light on things you may not have thought of, help you fix problems, or even give you new ideas and suggestions for implementing what you are building.

Always accept feedback in a spirit of growth, because it is part of the process, even if sometimes it is not positive. Negative feedback, many times, helps you more than 10 positive feedback because it highlights a problem you haven’t thought about.


Believe in Yourself

In today’s crowded market, where thousands of new start-ups and revolutionary ideas are born every day and where digital capabilities are increasingly important and significant, you may find yourself in difficulty. 

The difficulty arises from the fact that you might not feel up to it, you might occupy your mind with a thousand thoughts and worries, instead of having constructive thoughts and, above all, love the process and the path you are taking.

It is therefore essential to believe in yourself! Because it is by believing in your abilities that you can achieve the best results. 

We all have limited capabilities, you are probably very good in some areas and less so in others. Maybe you know UX/UI well but you don’t know anything about coding. Believing in yourself will also help you to have a following, other people willing to help you because they believe in your project.

Don’t ever give up and proceed along the established path!



  • Evaluate and analyze aspects of your new idea.
  • Just start! Don’t wait, get going.
  • Test your idea, create a Minimum Valuable Product (MVP).
  • Always accept feedback, both positive and negative, because it helps growth.
  • Believe in yourself and fall in love with the process!



Do not hesitate when an idea comes to your mind. All the great inventors started from a simple idea, the difference was putting it into practice! 


Do you need help? Do you want to confront other people about new ideas that invade your mind? Write to us on Instagram, we are always ready to discuss and create connections that can help you improve!

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