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Guest Post Guidelines

The Desircle Blog has over 300,000 potential visitors every single month, making us a real big community made by designers for designers and makers. Because of that, we are always on the lookout for talented and brilliant contributors like you to enrich the conversation. If you have a knack for expressing, much like our designers and makers here at the Desircle, and have some brilliant ideas, we would love to hear from you!

Our Content

We believe in publishing content that is interesting and helpful for our audience. Our followers are a mix of designers in logo design, branding, UIUX, marketing and other niches, current and prospective designers as well as design enthusiasts. Our main aim is to post content that is engaging and useful for our target audience.

When submitting a post or an idea, you should keep in mind the three main prerequisites for our content:


The content must be original work and must not have been published anywhere else.


Choose topics that have not already been covered. Feel free to be creative while also keeping in mind the writing style of the blog.


Any data or facts in the articles should be backed up with their sources.

Our Posts

Our posts are divided into a number of categories. The details of categories that you may submit for are as follows:​

"How To" tutorials

These posts involve step-by-step instructions that aim to simplify all aspects of the creative process. If you are an artist and would like to share your knowledge, do write to us!​

Your Experience

Share your success story with us. It would be an inspiration for our audience. Write a brief introduction, a story of YOU. What were the difficulties at the beginning. Your future plans and some suggestions (something useful to newbies).

Marketing Tips

These posts mostly contain advisory content for our prospective audience. We guide our audience about the different aspects of marketing and management. If you are a marketing expert and have some tips for these future designers, give us a shout!

Bullet Lists

These posts are the most classic, those that list tips, or websites, or recommended products. The list can vary, from a minimum of 7 up to lists as long as 30-40 points. Each point must contain a detailed description.


Do you have any products to recommend that are worth exploring in a dedicated blog post? This is the right category! Write about a product you use that could change the lives of our readers.

Other ideas

Even if your article does not fit either of these categories, we also accept other kind of posts as well! We believe that there is always room for improvements and improvisations.

How to submit

You can write to us about an idea or a topic that you would like to cover or you could also send in your article straightaway. If we think it fits well with our content, we will publish it!

There are a few things to keep in mind:

1500-2500 words

The article must be from 1500 to 2500 words (not more or less). If you plan a guide, it's ok even more!

Catchy title

The article should have a catchy and informative title (in line with SEO and Google Trends).


If you have videos, please send it through WeTransfer or through the link in your Google Drive or Dropbox.


The article can include links (up to 10) but we will revise them and delete any spam links or links that we think are unnecessary.

Questions to the reader

Our posts always end with a call-to-action conclusion so as to promote audience interaction.

Your photo

Please do include your photo or logo (your photo is preferred)

Google Doc

The article must be a Google Doc - Document. We'll provide you with the template to work on.


Please include the images in the word document or attach them separately. Do remember to give us the source of your images. The images are required.

Original content

The article must be original content. We will check for plagiarism.

Tone of voice

Please try to stick to the tone of the blog. Our content is written in a friendly manner with a touch of authority. Clear arguments and structured content is what we look for in potential posts.

Your bio

Please do include a small bio (150-200 words) to accompany your piece of writing

Your name

Please do include your full name or the name of your studio (full name preferred)

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