9 Reasons To Get a Career in Freelance Design

9 reasons why you should get a career in freelance design

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for us all, especially in the professional world. Thousands of people have lost their jobs and have had to comb through opportunities just to support themselves. But what if I told you that you could never “lose your job” or have to go through any of the hassle […]

5 Documentaries Every Graphic Designer Should Watch

8 documentaries/films every graphic designer should watch

You may have heard, seen, or been recommended books on graphic design to help you with your career goals. But what if reading isn’t your thing or you just don’t have time to settle down and read a lengthy book No worries, because in this blog post we will be talking about 5 documentaries or […]

5 Examples of Inspirational and Successful Graphic Designers

5 Examples of Inspirational and Successful Graphic Designers

Do you want to be a highly successful graphic designer but just don’t think you’re good enough? We completely understand where you’re coming from, so we thought we’d bring you a little inspiration by providing you with 5 examples of some the most successful and inspirational graphic designers. Hopefully reading about their stories and understanding […]

7 Characteristics of a Successful Freelance Designer

7 characteristics of a successful freelance designer

Everyone wants to be successful in their career as a freelance designer, but how do you know you really have what it takes? Don’t worry about it because we are here to provide you with 7 qualities you must have to be a successful freelance designer. Table of Contents Credits: unsplash.com Creativity Let’s face it, […]

8 Best Graphic Design Books Every Designer Should Read

best graphic design books for designers

The web offers many advantages to learn new skills and improve your career, from video courses to blogs and new podcasts. But there’s nothing like sitting down and reading a good book. Discover the 8 best graphic design books.