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The Logo Package

the logo package

The Logo Package can pump out 200+ logo files in under 5 minutes. With this tool, you can spend your time creating logos, instead of exporting them.

The latest version is 2.0, with the Adobe Illustrator extension that automatically generates and exports logo packages with blazing speed.


Highlights of The Logo Package:

  • Export logo packs for print and web in less than 5 minutes
  • Automatically generate any colour variation of your logo with 1 click, including Pantone matching
  • Produces a foolproof and easy-to-use naming convention and folder structure for your logo package
  • Customise everything from file and folder naming to logo scaling and padding


This tool is a real must-have that we use here at Desircle, and it saves you a lot of time that you can then dedicate to creating exciting new projects!

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