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Logo: the reference guide to symbols and logotypes by Micheal Evamy is a book of 1,300 symbols and logotypes divided into 75 categories.

It contains logos created by designers of the calibre of Paul Rand and Saul Bass, as well as emerging contemporary designers.


What are the contents of Logo?

  • 1,300 carefully categorised symbols and logos
  • a comprehensive guide to the history of the evolution of brand identity
  • Gives you the right inspiration for your brand identity projects


This book will help you to better understand the evolution of the logo field, as well as being a handbook that you can always keep by your side when you need inspiration for your next brand identity project.

A book that contains everything you need to understand how logotypes and symbols have evolved throughout history, it also shows you what the mind behind each brand is.

A highly recommended book by the Desircle team for all those who want to pursue a career in branding and logo design.

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