Become an expert of logo design by following these 5 tips from an industry specialist

Being an expert at something is not easy, but the more you understand about a topic, the closer you are to becoming one. Here are some tips that will certainly help you to become an expert of logo design!
How to become an expert of logo design

This post was created in collaboration with Henrique Hoeft, founder of The Chest Studio, a one-man studio specializing in Logo Design.

How to become an expert of logo design? In this article together with Henrique, we have decided to address this theme that is close to the hearts of many designers who want to improve their careers in the field of logo design.

Henrique is a logo design expert who has made this discipline his career, opening his own studio which is focused on this specific niche of logo design.

If this theme interests you, you’ve come to the right place. Start now building your career with this simple and effective list of 5 tips to become an expert of logo design!

Let's get started!

Table of Contents

1. Follow good designers and build up your style

When we are first starting, it’s important to know many design styles. There are plenty of different logos out there, and different niches to explore inside the logo subject as well.

Remember that different brands may require unique styles, for example, a tech company would not go well with an old vintage look logo, but other businesses, such as a barbershop, would definitely perform well.

By positioning yourself to create a certain style of logo you like, you will not only be working with clients you feel good about, but you will also be seen as an expert on that style. It’s much better to maintain a consistency of logo styles than to create too many different ones which might not even be recognized as your work.

And how do you build your style? A great way is to follow designers you intensify yourself with. You can look for great designers on Instagram, Behance, or other platforms, and watch what they are creating. This way you can slowly increase your familiarity with designs you like the most and get inspired by them.

2. Think before taking action, thus you will learn how to judge your work

Not only in logo design, but in our lives, it’s very hard to criticize our own work, however, there are some steps you can take in order to understand how you can improve.

In the logo design area, there are a ton of principles that make a good logo good. The more you study about logos, the more principles you are able to understand, but even though some people design without thinking about them. Why would you study logo design if you are not applying what you studied?

Therefore, when you realize the logo is not looking good or not working properly, don’t start changing every detail without thinking first, remember the design principles you have learned since then, and how you can apply them to improve your logo.

This might sound like a silly tip, but I caught myself doing design changes without thinking so many times (it usually happens when I’m in pressure). So… chill out and think before taking action.

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3. Present your logo the way it should be presented

How to become an expert of logo design
Photo by @thecheststudio on Instagram

Have you ever thought that some products people buy are more expensive just due to its package? Perfumes, for example, get much more value when they are presented to a potential customer in a fancy way.

With logo design, the same applies. Most of the young designers create awesome logos, but they don’t present their logos properly. The truth is that the majority of potential clients won’t be looking for logos placed in a colored background.

I guess everyone has heard of mockups already, where you place your logos in order to make it more realistic. But I’m going to propose something different besides the mockups: Create case studies.

Case studies are a great way to show your entire design process, and you can tell every detail, such as the client’s challenges, how you did your researches, etc (and don’t forget to use the mockups to make it prettier). Thus, potential clients can understand how you work from start to finish in a much broader way.

Try to create at least 4 case studies, with a top-notch design you created and a really detailed process. (Stick until the end of this article to get a tip related to that!)

4. Make sure the logo elements share the same DNA

This is something that takes some time to get good at, but no one said it was easy to master logo design, huh? Let me explain what I mean from this “DNA”.

There are plenty of logos out there, such as only wordmarks, the logo mark alone (without any text), combination logos (text and mark), emblems, and etc. There’s no style that shouldn’t follow this DNA rule.

When you create a logo, you have to pay attention to its characteristics and repeat them in some elements. Let’s take an example on what would go wrong: Let’s suppose you are creating a custom type, very bold with round corners, and an icon with thin lines and sharp corners, that would certainly be a bad design. But how would you fix it? The answer: Sharing the DNA.

The DNA of the text is bold and rounded corners, so if you apply the same characteristics to the icon, the design would definitely look more harmonious.

You can easily see plenty of designs which, unfortunately, don’t follow this rule. Start paying attention to other people’s work, and you will notice that too. Your logo has elements that need to belong to “the same family”, otherwise it would feel a bit off.

5. Get to know how famous agencies work

how to become an expert of logo design
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Last but not least, one of the most important tips that helped me along my design journey.

Such as the first tip, where you find designers that inspire you to create your own style, you can find famous agencies to inspire you with your design process.

The gold nugget is: Big famous agencies have a well-structured process, which leads to great results. So why wouldn’t you study their way of working?

Remember when I said case studies are a great way of presenting logos? Now let’s bring everything together. You can start searching for famous agencies that produce great case studies and take some inspiration from them.

Try to reverse engineer everything, pay attention to how they structure it, the introduction, the client details, where they start writing about the creative process… literally everything!

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These are tips I wish I knew by the first day I started learning about logo design. They took me some time to discover over these years, but I hope I shortened the path for you.

If you want to know better this fantastic world I suggest you to read our in-depth article What is Graphic Design? The Ultimate Beginners Guide for Your Career.

Now it’s you time to apply this knowledge! Feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for reaching here, I’m truly excited to see what you will create with these guidelines.

I hope this article helped you! If you want to get in touch with our staff, write us a DM and follow us on Instagram.

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