About Desircle!

The Desircle Team

Over the last four years, we have grown from a one-person project in Italy to a massive international startup with over 20+ employees in the USA, Bolivia, Italy, and even places in Libya and India. We wouldn’t be here today without the talent and hard work of our amazing employees!

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Alessio Marchetti


Passionate marketer, CrossFit addict, and founder helping other freelancers get out of the 9-5 job trap and pioneering a more accessible and inclusive design industry.

Ellen Yang

Executive Director/COO

Entrepreneur, Gen-Z brand strategist, and tech leader striving for social good + equal opportunity for all through innovation and design.

Timothy Pinkhassik


Financial expert, skilled researcher, and powerful speaker boiling the design industry down to a science. 

Pierpaolo Chiaravalloti

Co-head of Branding

Visual designer specializing in brand identity, UX/UI design, and video editing.

Mattia Forza

Co-head of Branding

Branding strategist with a background in startups and illustration. 

Abdo Scandrani

Branding Designer

Logo identity designer, branding specialist, and tech enthusiast.

Fabian Zöller


Branding expert, passionate designer and Gym Addict helping freelancers start their journey into design, branding and strategy.

Letter from the founder

“Below, I wanted to share a few lines about this project, so that I can introduce myself and share with you our work here at Desircle. This way, you can understand what led us to create this brand and what the first steps were towards building what we are today!”

About Desircle Alessio Marchetti the founder

Hello, I’m Alessio, the founder of Desircle Co ®.


Making freelancing careers accessible to all is my mission and passion.



I founded this brand in 2016 to get out of the 9-5 job trap and start sharing what I learned on the way from/through this blog and social media.



Today, we are an international launchpad for creatives and freelance designers looking to elevate their careers through our free resources, events, and other initiatives. We are the largest design platform on Instagram (240k+) and have reached over 71 million people in the last 3 years through our blog, podcast, and social media!



If you’re here to learn the techniques to build a successful, creative career (be it in design or freelancing in general), I can promise you that you’re in the right place!

The Desircle project was born in 2016 with the aim of sharing with as many people as possible the experience of our team in the fields of design and marketing.


It all started with a simple Instagram page with a few followers, but soon the project became bigger and bigger thanks to the spectacular community that has been created over the years around the brand.


Our mission is to make the freelancer’s career accessible to everyone, because this fantastic world can open the door to the life you love.


We’ve come a long way since 2016, producing content that helps many designers, freelancers and makers to make their way in the online world, create their own careers and learn the marketing and design skills they need.


Desircle is now a reference point for many people like you who want to achieve financial freedom by doing the business of their dreams.

Testimonials from our Community