5 Tips to Increase Quarantine Productivity

Experiencing a lack of motivation, inspiration, or encouragement? Feeling disorganized and lost? Having a career as a freelance designer isn’t easy, but it’s definitely become more difficult during this Coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. So let us help you out. In this post, we will provide 5 tips on increasing your quarantine productivity as a freelance designer in quarantine. Picture Credits: outsolu.com

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5 tips to increase quarantine productivity
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When in Doubt, Plan it Out

This might seem self-explanatory, but having a plan for each day is often overlooked when a person is given extensive amounts of free time, like in quarantine. We tend to get lazy and push tasks off to the last minute.  Create a weekly schedule of tasks to be done, ordered by priority. If that seems like too much, you can change the format to a daily schedule as well.  Try and complete your hardest tasks at the beginning of the day, so you’ll have more motivation throughout the day to complete all your other tasks, which will be easier. One great technique for completing tasks that you’ve probably heard of is the Pomodoro Technique. Essentially, you work in shifts of 25-30 minutes with 2-3 minute breaks in between. After 4 Pomodoro shifts, you get a longer break as a reward! This is a great alternative to sitting and working for copious amounts of time at once. You can customize your shifts to focus on certain aspects of a design, like having one shift just for brainstorming and another for working out color schemes and fonts. Or you can customize your shifts by client for working on different projects. It’s up to you and what you’re comfortable with!
5 tips to increase quarantine productivity
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Inspiration is Everywhere; You Just Have to Look

Even though we can’t leave our houses to explore the world around us and find inspiration for our designs, there’s plenty of inspiration around us. Haven’t cleaned out your supply closet in a while? Go for it! You might find something that sparks your imagination and a potential design!  Go through an old photo album on your phone and relive those memories. Maybe a building or monument from one of your past vacations will become inspiration for one of your future designs. Browse the internet and stay up-to-date with your favorite designers and design companies. They might be offering classes and resources to help designers like you during hard times like these. You can also check out one of our past blog posts on generating new ideas for your designs.
5 tips to increase quarantine productivity
Credits: depositphotos.com

Connect With Your Community

Remember that you’re not the only one feeling unproductive during quarantine. There are dozens of freelance designers out there that are going through the same thing and could use someone to reach out to. Bounce ideas off someone or share resources for your designs. Connect with fellow designers online through social media (Instagram group chats, Facebook groups), over video call, or on Slack groups. The Desircle Community Slack is a great place to meet fellow designers, ask for advice, and receive feedback on your work. Just what a freelancer like you needs during a time like this.
5 tips to increase quarantine productivity
Credits: greatbigcanvas.com

Create Your Own Personal Workspace

It’s hard to work sometimes when you’re in the comfort of your own home. Distractions are everywhere and sometimes you just have to fight the urge to turn on the television to watch Netflix or fall asleep on your bed. Have a space dedicated to your work with all the materials you need for the day, including water and healthy snacks. This way, it’ll feel more organized and you’ll be much more productive. If you already have a dedicated workspace, as many freelancers might have, spruce it up a little. Rearrange your materials, decorate it with pictures of your favorite designs, or buy something new for your space. A change in atmosphere will definitely lead to a mindset change if your quarantine productivity levels are low.
5 tips to increase quarantine productivity
Credits: liveabout.com

Improve Those Amazing Design Skills

If you’re bored and unmotivated but still want to be productive, learn or practice a new skill! Quarantine has been a great time for learning new things and improving prior skills. Try out that new software so many people have recommended or work with a font you’ve never used. Quarantine is a great time for experimenting with all the resources available to you and becoming better at what you do. So many designers offer free courses in UI/UX, branding, marketing, and more! Check them out and you might learn something that could prove to be valuable for your future designs. Also check out the Desircle Instagram page for great tips and tricks.


  • Plan out your days/weeks and use task strategies like the Pomodoro Technique so you don’t get lazy with all the quarantine free time.
  • Look for inspiration around you, from your messy supply closet to the photos on your phone.
  • Connect with your fellow designers for feedback and ideas!
  • Create a workspace dedicated to your work or decorate the one you already have.
  • Use quarantine to improve those mad design skills or learn new ones.


Hopefully you’ve gained back some of that motivation by reading these tips and you’re ready to get off the couch and increase your quarantine productivity! Thank you for reading and I hope quarantine proves to be a very inspirational and productive time for you! What’s one way you’ve found inspiration for your designs in quarantine? Comment down below!

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