5 Examples of Inspirational and Successful Graphic Designers

5 Examples of Inspirational and Successful Graphic Designers

Do you want to be a highly successful graphic designer but just don’t think you’re good enough? We completely understand where you’re coming from, so we thought we’d bring you a little inspiration by providing you with 5 examples of some the most successful and inspirational graphic designers.

Hopefully reading about their stories and understanding their motivations will give you a better idea of how to be successful and will be a confidence booster for you as well.

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5 Examples of Inspirational and Successful Graphic Designers
Credits: lavanguardia.com

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan is a very famous graphic designer who was born in Austria. He’s had a passion for design since he was 15 years old and worked hard to get to where he is today.  He went to the University of Applied Arts Vienna and got in on his second attempt and he won the Fulbright scholarship for the Pratt Institute in NY.

He’s designed covers for albums such as Feelings by David Byrne and Set the Twilight Reeling for Lou Reed. He has won three Grammy Awards and a National Design Award. He also has his own company called Sagmeister & Walsh, in which he has partnered with Jessica Walsh.

He is such a great example for you international designers out there and has a bright future ahead of him.

Lauren Hom

Lauren is a letterer and designer who lives in Detroit, Michigan. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Lauren has a blog and wrote a book, both titled “Daily Dishonesty” and she won a Webby Award for her blog as well.

Her lettering work has been recognized and used by Starbucks, YouTube, AT&T, and more! She has won dozens of awards for her work including the 2019 Adobe MAX Master Speaker and the 2015 CA Typography Annual award.

She is a perfect example of someone who really worked their way up to really big and well-known clients & companies from humble beginnings. She is also a huge inspiration for all the amazing female designers in the industry.

5 Examples of Inspirational and Successful Graphic Designers
Credits: unsplash.com-- Anderson runs a podcast called Life + Limb

Chuck Anderson

Chuck is a designer, artist, photographer, and creative director who was born in Pennsylvania. He has worked for companies such as ESPN, Microsoft, Nike, and Target. He started off with his studio, NoPattern, at age 18 and has been in the design field ever since.

He was named a Design Icon by the Computer Arts Magazine in 2010 and even has his own podcast called Life + Limb. He is a great inspirational figure for those who maybe started design at a younger age and are scared to take risks and make mistakes.

So whenever you’re scared or reluctant about reaching out to others or starting a new project, think about Chuck Anderson and how he took risks at such a young risk and turned out to be such a successful person.

Into podcasts like Anderson’s Life + Limb? Check out Desircle’s IG TV Shows for great design tips and information!

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is a graphic designer, art director, and illustrator who was brought up in Connecticut. She started her journey when she was 11 as she coded and designed her own websites. She then studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design.

She was an intern at Pentagram, an associate art director at Print Magazine, and did work for The Jewish Museum of New York. She co-founded Sagmeister & Walsh with Stefan Sagmeister and they have been partners ever since.

Jessica and Stefan are great examples of designers who collaborated and created something so much bigger out of their collaboration. If you ever thought about collaborating with one of your fellow designers on a project, check out Sagmeister & Walsh for inspiration and motivation!

Unsure how to reach out for collaborations? Check out our blog post on networking as a freelance designer. You can also join the Desircle Community Slack to find like-minded people to collaborate with!

5 Examples of Inspirational and Successful Graphic Designers
Credits: unsplash.com --Dana's preferred medium, chalk

Dana Tanamachi

Dana is a designer and lettering artist living in New York City. She is the owner of Tanamachi Studio, a studio that focuses on typography for fashion, lifestyle, food, and editorial brands. She kick started her career in 2009 when she worked on a chalk installation for a housewarming party and got work with Google.

Since then, she has worked for Target, USPS, Nike, Instagram, and several other international companies and clients. She was also named a Young Creative to watch by HOW Magazine.

She is a great inspiration for designers who specialize in a certain skill, like chalk-lettering and typography and it is definitely worth checking out her beautiful work!


  • Stefan Sagmeister is a well-known and unique designer, serving as an inspiration for international designers
  • Lauren Hom is a lettering master, designer for companies like Starbucks & YouTube, and a motivation for our female designers
  • For all the youngsters, Chuck Anderson started his own design venture at a young age and is so successful now
  • Meet Jessica Walsh, partner of Stefan Sagmeister and a beautiful illustrator.
  • Dana Tanamachi is an expert chalk-letterer and accomplished designer, working for several big-name companies


Are you ready to put your name on the list of some of the most successful graphic designers? Hopefully you’ve gained some inspiration from our list and you’re ready to conquer the design world!

Who is your inspiration in the design world? Are they on this list? Comment down below!


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