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Alessio Marchetti
Alessio Marchetti

45+ Accurate Questions to Ask When Designing a Logo

When you have a new logo design project to start with, it is important to get to know your client and the business you are approaching with your services through a process called "briefing".
questions to ask when designing a logo
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Table of Contents

What are the questions to ask when designing a logo? When you have a new logo design project to start with, it is important to get to know your client and the business you are approaching with your services through a process called “briefing”.

Well, creating a brief means asking the right questions to your client in order to work on the project in the best possible way, with clear ideas on what the characteristics, requests, objectives, timing and budget are.

This process of defining the brief to work best can be difficult because you don’t want to ask your client meaningless questions and you don’t want to fill it in with too many questions either.

At the same time, however, you have to be careful not to waste hours working on a logo design that is not even close to what the client has in mind, because you didn’t ask the right questions in the initial phase.

So I made this article for you with the 45+ questions to ask when designing a logo.

Before you start, there are some things to do: you don’t have to use all the questions below, you can choose which questions you want to ask in line with what you need for the project.

Think by blocks: follow these chapters below to divide your questions into “blocks” so you can have a clear and comprehensive briefing process.

Let’s get started!


Questions about Company details

This first section is dedicated to understanding in detail as much information as possible about the client’s company that commissioned the logo design project. Among the questions to ask when designing a logo, there are therefore the following:

  1. When was the company founded?
  2. In which market does the company operate?
  3. Which is the company’s biggest competitor in this market?
  4. Why should I choose your company instead of a competitor?
  5. What are the strengths of the company?
  6. What services and products does the company offer?
  7. Why did you start this company?
  8. What is the motivation that led you to found this brand?
  9. How do you see your company in 5 years?


logo design love review 2021

Questions about branding

When you are designing and studying a new logo, it is not just a question of the logo for its own sake but, above all, of a brand and, therefore, of the “branding” study that will lead you to the creation of the logo and the entire corporate image of your client’s company.

To do this, you will need to ask questions that satisfy your initial research, so that you can create a real brand that can last over time and that communicates the right message in a correct way.

Here are some ideas for your questions to ask when designing a logo:

  1. How would you define your company with one word?
  2. How does your company appear in the eyes of the customer?
  3. How would you define your company in one word as your customer?
  4. Do you already have a logo that you are currently using?
  5. (If you answered yes to the previous question) What works with the current logo?
  6. What doesn’t work with the current logo?
  7. What elements would you take the current logo into account to create the new logo?
  8. How long ago was the current logo created?
  9. Why did you choose that logo, those colours, those fonts?
  10. Do you think you are recognized in the eyes of the customer with your current logo?
  11. What is the feedback from your customers about the current logo?
  12. Have you already used or are you using a Payoff?

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Questions about Design Preferences or Necessity

Yeah, you’re the designer. You are the one who has to decide which elements, colours and fonts will be used to convey the message in the best way through the company logo.

Having said that, you must also keep in mind the client’s tastes, his own values, the choices he has already made in the past (sometimes you will be faced with the creation of a “redesign” rather than a logo from scratch).

That’s why it’s also good to ask a series of questions about a customer’s preferences and/or design needs. Here are some questions to ask when designing a logo:

  1. Have you already developed a manual with guidelines for your current logo (if you have one)?
  2. What colours would you use for your company logo?
  3. What is the main colour? Secondary colour? The prominent one?
  4. Do you have any preferences about the elements you would use to create the logo?
  5. Do you have any logos that you would like to study from competitors?
  6. Are there any particular needs or restrictions in the market in which the company operates?
  7. What is the visual message you want to give your company through the logo?
  8. What kind of logos and fonts do you like, and why?


Questions about the target audience

When designing a logo, never forget that the ultimate goal is to communicate with your client’s company audience. If you are dealing with a client who knows their business well, they will certainly be more interested in what their audience demands than what they like.

Here are some questions to ask when designing a logo and suggestions to better define the idea of the company’s target audience:

  1. What is your target audience?
  2. Do you have a business that has a well-defined audience?
  3. Is the audience unique or is the company segmented into several different audiences?
  4. Do you intend to keep this audience with the new logo or to modify it?
  5. What kind of product and service do you offer directly to your audience?
  6. How do you communicate with your audience?
  7. What channels do you use to communicate with your audience?
  8. What “tone of voice” does your company have towards your target audience?
  9. What gender are you targeting?
  10. What advertising channels do you use?


Questions about timing and budget

Finally, we talk directly with your client about the project to be carried out in terms of timing and investment budget.

This is a fundamental phase for you because you will understand how much the client is willing to pay for your service and how much time you have available to work on the project.

If you are a freelancer, you have on your side the possibility to accept a number of projects that you can choose, then organize your work according to the deadlines dictated by the client.

The beauty of freelancing is right here: organize your work as you prefer.

Here is a list of questions to ask when designing a logo with regard to timing and client budget:

  1. What is your budget for this project?
  2. How many initial concepts would you like to receive?
  3. When would you like to see the first drafts of the work?
  4. When would you like to have the work completed?
  5. Do you only need a logo or other work? (here I suggest you proceed with a proposal for a more complete package, including the corporate image, website, etc.).


Bonus Tip: Use a tool to simplify the job

questions to ask when designing a logo


The tool I recommend is Typeform. A free tool that is really a godsend when it comes to making questionnaires.

If you are a freelance designer working primarily with online clients, I suggest you try to automate this initial briefing process.

While it is certainly important to have a face-to-face chat with the client, you may also need to be supported by some tools to help you streamline certain processes, such as filling out questions.

This can also be useful for those who don’t plan to proceed with phone calls or Zoom calls but prefer to maintain old-school, email-based communication. Then you can really use Typeform to get all the answers to your questions!

If you need help with Design and Marketing tools, we’ve got you covered! Visit the page with our list of Top Freelance Design Tools

Conclusions of questions to ask when designing a logo

Now you know what questions to ask when designing a logo and you first communicate with a client about a logo design. I hope this article has been helpful to you and that you have found a value that you can reuse in your career as a professional freelancer.

What are the questions you ask when designing a logo for a client? Write it in the comments below!

I hope this article helped you! If you want to get in touch with our staff, write us a DM and follow us on Instagram.

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Alessio Marchetti

Alessio Marchetti

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